Retail Logistics

The retail logistics industry is in a constant state of change because online retail growth is quickly outpacing brick and mortar retail growth. This is largely due to the growing popularity of omnichannel retailing.

At Premier Logistics, we identify and implement strategies that allow the retail brands to be more responsive while also reducing overall distribution costs. We have implemented strategic distribution strategies that have proven effective for serving omnichannel customers; including services such as cross-docking where large shipments enter a facility to be broken down into smaller shipments for local delivery to Pre-Retailing services, where products are labeled, barcoded and picked as per individual store requirements.

In today’s retail industry, the consumers demand easy and immediate product availability. Our capabilities include direct to store (D2S) and direct to consumer (D2C) distribution through strategic partnerships with international transporters and freight forwarders to provide origin to destination supply chain visibility solution to all our customers.