Warehouse & Distribution

Around the region, major manufacturers, distributors and retailers from industries such as Electronics, Fashion, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Consumer Goods and Automotive Sectors rely on our warehousing & distribution support. Premier Logistics currently manages approximately 45,000 pallet positions (Ambient & Temperature Controlled) in addition to 27,000 square meters of Bulk Storage Space.
Our strategic warehousing locations combined with best industry standards, processes and systems ensure cost-efficient warehousing solutions for all our clients:Warehousing services:

Inventory management and control Order processing – Inbound and Outbound
Cross-docking flow distribution


Our distribution solutions ensure your products arrive as and when required:

Distribution services:

Order fulfilment, Pick and Pack by order, SKU etc.
Retail Store Distribution
Replenishment and Fulfilment programs
Cross-docking and Trans-loading
Inventory control & Management
Return management and Reverse Logistics Programs
Special Order handling, Refurbishment and Kitting
High sensitivity and Responsiveness to your service requirements.